Is Outsourcing BIM Services to Indian Firms Worth the Investment?

One simple solution to the problems like enhancing collaboration, faster BIM modeling, and mitigating risks is outsourcing to BIM firms in India. Outsourcing was once considered one of the strategic business practices during the 90s and today, it serves as a new-age tool offering multiple benefits.

BIM outsourcing is a common practice especially as developed nations approach majorly the developing nations in order to maintain cost and greater work efficiency. Let’s learn about the potential BIM firms in India behold.

What BIM Services can be Outsourced?

The most valuable BIM-enabled services being outsourced are:

1. BIM 3D modeling
2. 2D CAD drafting
3. Clash Coordination
4. Scan to BIM services
5. 3D Rendering and Visualization
6. Quantity take-off
7. Generating Revit families
8. Coordinated outcomes and requirements
9. Construction documentation

How can Global AEC Firms Benefit from BIM Outsourcing?


Let’s understand the major pros offered by outsourcing to BIM firms.

1.Cost Efficiency

BIM outsourcing is one of the cost-effective methods aiding in better ROI as it cut down on operating expenses. Apart from saving the expenses on training, software, and building an in-house team, BIM outsourcing guarantees quality and performance through experts working with the best tools.

2. Enhanced Focus

By opting for outsourcing, you can bid adieu to the complexity of BIM operations as the team of experts proposes the best solutions and overcome all the obstacles in way of smooth functioning. Outsourced services save you time and enhance productivity to focus on other crucial tasks.

3. Time Efficiency by Making the Most of Specialist Skills

Apart from serving the advantages of cost efficiency, BIM outsourcing also benefits professionals with greater time efficiency. The experienced teams assigned to each service work with their expert knowledge and the collaboration results in quick and clash-free outcomes.

4. Faster Project Turnovers

With an experienced team on work, there are guaranteed project turnovers within a set timeline. The new-age technology like Revit 3D modeling and other BIM services promise quality control and fast services.

5. Improved Construction Quality

Working with BIM outsourcing ensures high-quality project delivery within the scheduled timeline. With clash detection and coordination, the chances for faults are minimized and greater construction quality can be expected.

6. Increase in Productivity

With each team having its own assigned tasks and access to the latest technologies, there will be an increase in productivity resulting in efficiency, time management, and ease of collaboration.

Why Outsourcing to Indian BIM Firms can be Transformational to Your Practice?

Source: AEODC

With the rapid globalization and modernization across the globe, there has risen demand for fast-paced projects and efficient results. Let’s see what makes outsourcing to BIM companies in India so profitable.

• A Bigger Talent Pool

India offers expert service with extremely qualified and technical staff when it comes to BIM modeling and services. From civil engineers to certified BIM architects, the professionals are proficient when it comes to 2D Design drafting or building a 3D Revit model.

• Competitive Rates

The cost of outsourcing to BIM firms in India is comparatively less than the Western nations. Along with the affordable and effective outsourcing prices, it also saves money that would otherwise be needed to invest in training and software for building a team.

• Higher Number of Outsourcing Services

Apart from BIM 3D modeling, there are a plethora of other services that can be outsourced to an Indian firm like shop and spool drawing preparation, clash detection, construction documentation, laser scan to BIM, etc.

• Higher Experience Levels

The top BIM teams in India comprise experts from architectural, structural, MEP, project management, and drafting backgrounds. These professionals offer to work with the latest tools and the technical teams behold an extensive experience in their services.

• Greater Security

BIM companies in India work by abiding with the security laws guaranteeing a safe work bond. The firms can rest assured of their data security while working with Indian companies.

• Scalable Outsourcing

Indian BIM companies offer their resources based on the scale of a project. A smaller team will cater to a small-scale project, while a large and more complex project will receive more assigned resources.

• Optimization of Time Zone Differences

With Indian teams on BIM jobs, the work happens round the clock offering advantages of the time differences within the countries. By receiving work during the night time, the western and far eastern on-site construction teams can begin in the morning after a proper analysis.

Should You Go for Indian BIM Outsourcing Services?


With the revolution in the AEC sector and ever-increasing demand for BIM services, pick the right BIM firm. The best service providers guarantee cutting-edge technologies, time, and cost savings, along with efficient results.

Random Client Queries

1. What are the benefits of BIM services outsourcing?

BIM outsourcing guarantees cost savings, enhanced productivity, efficient collaboration, and quick project turnarounds.

2. How does BIM outsourcing affect the AEC industry?

BIM outsourcing eases the development and construction process with better coordination and clash-free results.

3. Which are the best BIM firms in India?

One of the rising name among BIM firms in India is AEO Design Consultants (AEODC) which blends design understanding with cutting-edge engineering to deliver comprehensive BIM solutions.

4. Is BIM the future?

With enhanced efficiency and smooth workflow, BIM has definitely paved its path into the future of the AEC industry.

5. To what extent has BIM been adopted in India?

Although there is no mandate for BIM in India, it has gained popularity amongst professionals and the high demand for BIM professionals has risen.

6. What is the future of BIM in India?

In the near future, BIM is expected to serve as a multi-billion-dollar business in India.

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