Things are looking brighter now – AEODC has passed its 50 projects goal this year – maybe it’s a sign? 50 and counting!!


This year not only tested our resolve, but also our ability to adapt to change with little or no notice. While the world stared at a pandemic, uncertainty clouded all future projects across the world. The pandemic brought with it not only loss of valuable lives but dealt a solid blow to the growing economies of the entire world – Lockdowns, border closures, down-sizing, unemployment, etc.

During this uncertain year, AEODC did everything they could to not only stay afloat but sustain the families depending on them for their livelihood. The learning curve has been very high, and times have been difficult – but our faith in our team and our clients’ trust in our ability made the struggles worth it.


It was time to expand into markets beyond the US and Canada while servicing our existing clients with repeat business. AEODC decided to expand into the European and Middle East markets.

This was also a time when the company, like any other business around the world, was looking at a bright future, not knowing what fate had in store for the world.

This year marked many new client relationships in every domain of the US AEC industry – Architects, MEP Consultants and General Contractors. We joined hands with small to mid to large scale players to bring the benefits of BIM to all – things were changing and the value in BIM was being recognized at all levels of the AEC industry.

Kamaljeet took this challenge of making BIM available for all, regardless of the size. AEODC made it a point to set a benchmark for not only project delivery, but also who works on the project. The team was hand-picked by Kamaljeet – qualified Architects and Engineers with not only quality experience behind them but a zeal to change the industry, set new standards and with a go getter attitude.

Kamaljeet S. Marwah, our Business Strategy Lead – An engineer from a leading Indian Technology University & armed with an MBA from a prestigious North American Business School, having been exposed to both the technical and business side of the AEC industry – just couldn’t understand why BIM was the choice of just a few. Was it because everyone thought BIM was expensive? Was the reason lack of time and/or resources? Or was it a plain lack of awareness?


AEODC will provide the GLOBAL PLATFORM that brings the latest, ever-evolving Design & Builds Virtual Technologies to every player in the AEC industry, regardless of the firm size, project scope & operating market. AEODC will ensure we all move forward, leaving no one behind.

Our mission is to make sure that everyone in the AEC industry has access to Virtual Design and Construction Technology ensuring highest quality and quick turnarounds, leading to value creation for each stakeholder.

Executive Management


Founder & Director

Kamaljeet S Marwah

Co-Founder & Director - US

Damman M

Technical Co-Founder & Sr. PM

Anjali K

Project Leads & Coordinators

Project Coordinator

Kuldeep P

Project Delivery Manager

Sakshi M

HR, IT & Office Security

HR Generalist

Ruchi S

IT & Office Administrator

Parvinder S

BIM Implementation – Specialists

BIM Modeler | Lieutenant

Nitesh K

BIM Modeler | Trainer

Bikash J
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At AEO Design Consultants, we believe working in an organization, no one person can make a difference, as it's always a team effort and consistency which makes the difference speak for itself.



Our in-house team consists of well-qualified Architects, Engineers and Technicians (Revit, AutoCAD) who have a combined experience of more than 4 decades.

Lead by building design and construction industry experts, our technical team has been praised by our client’s time and again for showing the ability to adapt quickly to their differing work styles and produce excellent results.


Our BD team is comprised of select few who have vast experience in either the technical field and/or are experts in outsourcing solutions.

The combined expertise of our BD team ensures that our clients are heard and understood correctly from the start of our relationship.

Please take a moment to visit the following


At AEODC, commitments to our clients are our highest priority. Our goal is to provide each client with a consistent, high-quality and value addition service every time. Our people are employed by AEODC, but they work for our clients.

Our five core principles that are the foundation of every new client relationship are as follows:


Our priority is to build a long-term relationship with our clients. This can be achieved only by understanding what is most important to our clients. Our job is to know our clients, their business needs, priorities and deliver within those parameters.

AEODC takes a very proactive approach in building a partnership with its clients.


In every project, we bring best of AEODC to the table and promise to deliver high quality end results. We follow a very strict Quality Control model for every project we undertake regardless if the client is new or someone who’s been with us for a while.

Read more about our internal Quality Control model in Work sharing partnerships.


We promise our clients a consistent and engaging experience as we instill in our people a professional standard of excellence and commitment to distinctive client service and value. We believe in executing with excellence.


Since our technical team is comprised of qualified professionals, we provide our clients with intelligent solutions to service clashes that arise during working on a project. Our commitment to the client is to deliver accurate and reliable result.

AEODC works as a strategic partner that constantly strives to improve and deliver on the results.


As is imperative in the outsourcing industry, communication is the key to any successful relationship. We understand the importance of staying connected with our clients, providing accurate updates timely and listening to client requirements.

We believe in communicating openly with our clients. This leads to building trust and delivering quality that exceeds client expectations. It helps us partner with our clients to help them achieve their desired outcomes.




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    Thank you very much Team AEODC. It's been a pleasure working with you all. I know AEODC is one of the best in the business of BIM.

    BIM Manager
    FL Based GC
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    Keep up the good work AEODC. I am sure you people will change the way BIM industry has been operating so far.

    VDC Director
    CA Based Developer
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    One of the best and reliable BIM Team ever worked with.

    Principal Architect
    MI Based Architecture Firm
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    You team leads understand our queries and requirements so well and quickly which makes our life so easy. Kudos to AEODC Team.

    Principal Architect
    CA Based Architecture Firm
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    Clash detection or sheet preparation, you people have always got better and better. A quality-oriented BIM firm willing to learn and implement. Long way to go.

    VDC Manager
    FL Based GC
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    Its been a pleasure working with your team. Your turnaround time with quality is something we like the most.

    Vice President
    Real Estate Developer
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    We never thought of implementing BIM on our projects given how long it takes and costly it is, but thanks to AEODC and Team for clearing our doubts and showing us advantage of implementing BIM Technology on our projects. Highly recommend getting AEODC on board for all your BIM requirements.

    FL based GC
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    Your focus on quality, understanding of intrinsic details is something one can ask for. Keep doing the good work. All the best 😊

    BIM Specialist
    TX Based GC
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