Shop & Spool Drawing Generation

Having MEP design and construction expertise at the core of AEODC management, we understand how it impacts a contractor performance when delivering accurate material onsite within the prescribed timeline. We try to live up to that expectation by generating error-free and detailed shop-drawings for installation and spool-drawings for pre-fabrication.

AEODC offers error-free shop & spool drawing generation for MEP design & construction. Contact us for improved contractor performance on site.

HVAC Shop Drawings

We create duct shop drawings as per industry accepted standards (SMACNA) highlighting required insulation thickness for direct production by contractor, sub-contractor and/or duct fabricator. All duct shop drawings are prepared as per approved submittals in coordination with other services such as FDP, Plumbing, Structural elements in order to prepare an error-free detailed duct shop drawing. We ensure coordination between other mechanical piping and sprinklers, considering the beam height and drop ceiling levels.

Mechanical Pipe Spool Drawings

AEODC provides Spool Drawings that act as a guide for the plumbers, pipe fitters and installers while they work on the site. We create mechanical pipe spool drawings based on approved piping submittal in coordination with the contractor and keep improvising on the drawing based on latest available comments from the on-site team. All the coordination work with other services elements is taken into consideration while preparing the spool drawings. Pipe spool drawings show single spool and are optimized for providing all the information required by fabrication workshop for accurate manufacturing and spool assembly. Each service is provided with a separate color scheme to detect and remove clashes at early stage.