Revit Family Creation

Revit, among the list of software falling under the ‘BIM Technology‘ is the basis of creating an intelligent and interactive 3D model of a project. Each project element, equipment, device has its own attributes in terms of technical specification, manufacturer, dimension that is procured and installed at the project site. AEODC assists its Client in having these elements at their desktop at the start of the project for visualization and planning before finalizing the procurement.

Revit families not only contain physical product representations but also include specific identity and engineering data, crucial to the project. Stakeholders falling under the value chain of a project avail the benefits of using Revit families in their projects before the project goes live. We create Revit families that contain all the relevant information provided by the product manufacturer, necessary for designing, procurement, installation, and warranty purpose. Revit Family includes myriads of things starting from the doors, windows, stairs, and railings to components like, chairs, cabinets, drawers, clocks, desk and lots more. Proper placement of different Revit Family components makes a great impact on the entire look of the construction.

Since, Revit Families are made in advance and are precision engineered reusable objects, assembled with related parameters and graphical representations, they can be easily organized into the same group. In general, Architects, Engineers, Contractors, Sub-contractors, building owner, Facility managers, Manufacturers and Product sellers are the end users of Revit families.