Design Validation/Value Engineering

We value an efficiently designed MEP system which is the backbone for smooth operation of a building. MEP functioning is the prime source of energy consumption and relentless worry for the owner. It is obvious to miss out value engineering aspects while focusing on providing comfort level to the end users of the facility. As a result, the life-cycle of a building decreases and running expenses increases leading to poor rating as per IGBC.

We understand how important it is to construct and live in a building that consumes less energy, causes no harm to our nature and gets green building rating. Hence, we assist our Client reduce building energy consumption and increase building life-cycle by reviewing and analyzing building’s MEP design.


  • Efficiency of MEP Equipment’s Selected
  • Efficiency of MEP Pump Room Space for Installation
  • Efficiency of MEP Control Devices Selected
  • Efficiency of Ducting Layout leading to 360 Degree Cooling
  • Efficiency of M&P Pipe System Size, Slope and Layout
  • Compliance of FDP System with NFPA Standards
  • Constructability Analysis based on Building 3D Model
  • Others, as per Client Design Requirements