Construction Simulation

4D Construction Sequencing, the next level of 3D, wherein ‘Time’ is the 4th dimension. 4D BIM is a fantastic tool to educate others on a project’s critical path and the build process. It assists all the stakeholders involved in a project to visualize the whole series of construction events and understand the progress of construction activities throughout the project life-cycle. Our 4D presentations help in comparing actual construction progress with planned construction throughout the lifetime of the project.

Based on the interactive 3D model and project management schedule provided by the Client, our team develops the sequencing simulation in Navisworks. It acts as a powerful communication tool between our project team and clients, resulting in better understanding of project milestones and improved construction plans. The sequencing models prepared assist various contractors, sub-contractors, specialty contractors in planning their construction processes and activities, coordinating clashes, and managing material procurement and delivery. It helps in reducing construction rework by coordinating construction activities to the last detail. All the design elements are collaborated onscreen in 4D improving accuracy in construction sequencing. Each modeled element can be procured, delivered, and installed at site within prescribed time-frame, thus increasing project development efficiency.